The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns

The Stop’s Farmers’ Market at Wychwood Barns website can be seen Here

The spectrum of market food at the height of the growing season is captured in this gallery of vendors as they appeared in the last Saturday of July and first Saturday of August 2014.

They represent certified organic or sustainable growing practices carried out in a range of operations from family farms in agricultural zones, to small plot intensive urban and suburban market gardens, to farmer training and community-based operations on Toronto Region Conservation Authority Lands.

Complementing the the fruit and vegetables growers are artisan bakers, fishers, foragers, fermenters, picklers, and organic honey producers. They are joined at the market by the urban-based chefs offering tantalizing, prepared-on-the-spot food reflecting innovative spins on the breadth of Toronto’s cultural traditions.



Akiwenzie Akiwenzie’s Fish & More

Alchemy Pickle Company Alchemy Pickle Company

Fish ShackAli’s Fish Shack

Ali's Baked Goods Alli’s Fresh Bread

Angelo's olive oi & country meadow organics Angelo’s Olive Oil, Country Meadows Organics

Aunt Lovina's Jams Aunt Lovinia’s Preserves

???????????????????????????????  Haute Goat

Bizjak Farms Bizjak Farms

Bus Bakery The Bus Kitchen Bakery

Chocosol ChocoSol Traders

Culture City Culture City Toronto

de la terre de la terre

??????????????????????????????? delish kitch

Dundas Park Kitchen Dundas Park Kitchen

Earth & CityEarth + City

Esker Ridge Farm Esker Ridge Farm

Evelyn's Crackers Evelyn’s Crackers

Everdale Farm Everdale Organic Farm

fisher folk Fisher Folkflower vendor Delta Dawn

Footstep Organic Footsteps Organics

Forbes Wild Foods Forbes Wild Foods

Ford's Sprouts comp Foures

French & Mushrooms 2 Fresh & Tasty Mushrooms

Greenwood Vegetables Greenwood Vegetables

High Mark Farms High Mark Farms

Honey Pie Herbals Honey Pie Herbals

Kind Organics Kind Organics

Kostowski's Kostowski Farm

Kozlik's Kozlik’s Mustard

Kurtiss Coffee Kurtis Koffee

Mad Mexican Mad Mexican

Made Good Made Good

Marvelous Edibles Marvelous Edibles

Monforte cheese Monforte Dairy

Nature's Way Organics, Passion Popcorn Nature’s Way Organics, Passion Popcorn

Plumgate Farms Plum Road Farm

Positive Sip Positive Sip

Round Plains Plantation Round Plains Plantation

??????????????????????????????? Southern Horizons

Spice Chef Spice Chef, Incredible Spice

St. John's Bakery St. John’s Bakery

Stainner's Vineyard Stanner’s Vineyard

Stoddart Family Farm Stoddart’s Family Farm

Storytelling Tent Storycentre

Sugar Mama's Sugar Mama’s Mini Donuts

Sushi Sushi

the food smythe The Food Smythe

Thorpe Farm Thorpe Farm

Tibetan Momos Tibetan Momos

Toorshi Toorshi Pickled Products

Urban Harvest   Urban Harvest Plants and Seeds

Weber Pastured Meats Weber’s Pastured Meats

Wendy's Wendy Elrick Naturally Raised Beef

??????????????????????????????? Whole Circle Farm

Wicklow Way Wicklow Way

Wooler Cale Farm Wooler Dale Farm





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