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(This post is linked to the previous two on Toronto’s social life a century ago as seen in press snapshots.)

What brought you to the market today?

Mike Falla Mike Falla: I live close by and I come every Saturday. I like the atmosphere.

Ruth Tail Ruth Tait: I was drawn here by hunger and the need for a strong cup of coffee.

Choco sol's Byron Koss Choco Sol’s Byron Koss: We’re selling stoneground dark chocolate, horizontally traded with indigenous growers in southern Mexico.

Sonam Momo Sonam Momo: We’re selling steamed Tibetan Vegetable Beef momos (dumplings) with some awesome sauces.

Elin Marley of Woolerdale Farm and Maia Waern Elin Marley of Woolerdale Farm and Maia Waern: I come here every week for the root vegetables, especially carrots.

Simone daughter of Milan, Bizjak Farms Simone, daughter of Milan, Bizjak farms learning to sell apples.

Kristopher of Rowe Red Fyfe and Yvonne Osondu Kristopher of Rowe Red Fyfe and Yvonne Osondu: I came to the market to get meat and granola.

Gina and Madeline  & Krista and Alexis Gina and Madeline & Krista and Alexis: We just went for a walk and are here for coffee and treats.

Justin and Alison Roehe Justin and Alison Roehe: We come every week and buy most of our groceries at the market.

Wendy of Greengate farms and rabbit-eared assistants Wendy of Greengate Farms and rabbit-eared assistants

A. Sabine and Manon Sabine and Manon: Our mothers bring us here every Saturday!

Sandy Smith tasting the cheese on a visit from Kingsville Sandy Smith, on a visit from Kingsville, tasting the cheese.

A. Evelyn and Pippa Evelyn and Pippa

A. Abigail Shields, Kathy Maggie Abigail Shields, Kathy and Maggie. Abigail: I ordered soup and came to pick it up. We’re also getting salsa from the Mad Mexican.

A. Laura of Nith Valley Organics and Ilana  Laura of Nith Valley Organics and Ilana: I’ve been coming here for a long time, but usually I come in the summer. It’s spring so it’s time to return.

A. Kris Bus Kitchen bakery  Kris Bowman at the Bus Kitchen bakery

A. Valerie Crystal Valerie Crystal waiting for her elder child who is attending the aluCine “Shorts for Shorties” program at Theatre Direct.

A. Evaleen Doyle, Yvette, Mandy, and Raj Ved Evaleen Doyle, Yvette, Mandy, and Raj Ved having brunch

A. Ben and Alice at the market with Alice's grandmother. Ben and Alice at the market with Alice’s grandmother.

A. Johdi, Helen and Kiran Johdi, Helen and Kiran buying chicken at Webber’s.

A. Linda tasting help milk  Linda tasting hemp milk for the first time.

A. Kalmplex eating Fish Shak roti  Kalmplex eating Fish Shak rotiA. Shoeless “Shoeless”

A. Siena and Skylar Siena and Skylar getting fed by their mother.

A. The Stop table, Lucia, Meghan and Aldo The Stop table, Lucia, Meghan and Aldo

IMG_20150404_092952 snapped exhibition at the Wychwwod Barns Community Association office entrance.

The snapshots on this page were taken at the The Stop’s Wychwood Barns Farmers’ market and simultaneously posted online, printed and hung in an exhibition of similar snaps from William James collection of the City of Toronto Archives along the wall of the market. An essay on the history of picturing Toronto society through the local weekend papers was presented alongside the snaps.

For similar “market square” projects that unfolded in the real time and space of the market see: market buzz  and  head garnish.

To see an illustrated index and location map of the market vendors click here.