snapped ll

This is a follow-up to the previous post,snapped l.CNE fashionfashions itfashionsFour People 1913 1244 357Group at the Ontario Jockey Club CTA F1244 it382Hikers in High ParkGroup of snowshoers on horse-drawn sled High ParkGroup in ice boat on Toronto Bay CTA 1224 it443AJames family at Centre Island Regatta    Fas couple watching regatta

Joseph Williams self-appointed care taker of Allan Gardens

Three men on benches, Queens Parkchildren at preaching stone in Queen's ParkWilliam Lyon MacKenzie King and parentsmen in car

Sir Henry Pellat Mowhawk Chief headress     Sir Henry and Lady Pellat at the Ontario Jockey Club ca. 1911mayor mcguire

James Fraser and his wifeJames familyNorm, Vic, Jimmy and Bill James 1914Soldiers are seen off as they leave for warBill Nix returns from war

Ontario Jockey Club fall fashions ca 1914 w. mail                Mrs. Dunlap and son, Dunlap Observatory

King and Yonge streetsWomen going to Varsity Stadium Rink     Woman with small dog and muffScandinavian ski runners, Toronto Sunday World, March 23, 1913-originalSoldier photographs friends in High ParkFrank Arnoldi and his three sonsVisitors' Day CNE camp b      William James Sr. and wife Clara ca. 1911two wmen car showwomen walking on Eglinton Avenue near Bathurst StreetTwo women ca. 1912Couple in fieldgirl at Lennox picnic

snapped exhibition


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