2 thoughts on “The Daily Disaster

  1. You can’t just stop with these clippings! Think of the possibilities!

    Go to the current real-world location of each disaster (the ones with the maps would work best), take a fresh photo or two from a good viewpoint, match the angle of the “original” if you’re really into it (Google Street View would be a weak substitute, sorry, much too easy). Post ’em on line. Mark up a modern map to correspond to the old ones.

    Recruit a volunteer brigade, convene at a downtown watering hole (adult version) or local high school (student version), and make a scavenger hunt out of finding and documenting the sites. Time limits required, but offer rewards, too. Post ’em on line. Repeat.

    Post the on-line things on posts at the very sites. Take pictures of _those_. And post ’em on line too!

    Repeat. A few times. Then get a book deal. (It’s been a decade since somebody did that, and it was in New York, so no one would catch the borrowing. Well, so what if they did.)

    Did things get better in the city in 1914?

    • Excellent suggestion Mark. Go for it!

      Did things get better in 1914?

      I suspect the War front tragedies supplanted the daily disasters. But I don’t like to get ahead of the story. I read the paper as it was published on this same date 100 years ago.

      See you at the market!

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